Unlocketing the Past - Part 2 is the 26st episode of the Season 1

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As Polly tries to get the pockite, she finds a person who is still alive in the pockite!

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With little options, Penelope sacrifaces herself and ends up turned into a frozen minature figure while Polly, Lila, Shani and Nicholas head into the tunnels leading to both Prudence's lair and the cabes when she first founds the Pockite ages ago. However the Grands send Gwen's new pet rat togo after them only for it to be defeated by Prudence's series of tests and boob traps which shani helps the group to solve, However after finding the Pockite caves the group not only to recharges Polly's Locket but also unearth a frozen person in suspended animation by pockite crystal the pirate woman they find, Revealing herself to be Gruwalda, steals Polly's Locket, enlarges herself and reveals her part of the backstory in the last episode

After discovering the existence of Prudence's Locket she thought the captain was keeping her power all for herself especially since she trusted no one else with this knowledge but whe their chase led to both of them shurnk and trapped in the cave, Prudence tries in vain to stop Gruwalda from causing a chain reaction from breaking apart the Pockite crystal. Following her escape, Prudence went on to be the first mayor of Littleton and the events of her story arc

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