Penelope Pocket is a character from the series Polly Pocket (2018) She is Polly,Paxton & Pirece's Grandmother


Penelope was the Owner of the Pocket's Locket Until she meets Griselle Grande and they became College Roomates until Griselle Discorvers penelope's secret and the locket she became Fasinaded with the power of the locket and griselle tries to get the locket until the Locket breaks when the locket breaks penelope tries to fix the locket but she didn't make it penelope discorvers when griselle became fasinaded with the power of the Locket it will be dangerous when the locket will be in wrong hands so penelope keeps secret from the truth of the locket until her GranddaughterPolly Pocket (character) discorvers the truth of the Pocket's Locket And she inthers her locket to polly.


Penelope pocket is a adventrous & caring lady


Pysichal ApparenceEdit

Penelope has normal skin with gray hair she has blue eyes and blue earings